Saturday, 4 January 2014

Happy 2014

Happy New Year to you all.

2014 started off with me been ill again! I am getting fed up of having something wrong with me to be honest. This time it was tonsillitis.

It started a month ago and is still going strong. The cough is driving me mad and each time i cough it pulls on my tum. Oh i havent blogged about that one have I,( ready for the knackers yard) I also have gallstones which are very painful and visit the hospital later this month to see if they’ll remove them or not.

I’d had a really bad pain in my stomach and decided i better visit my GP as with it been a similar pain i experienced when i was diagnosed with Ovarian cancer, i had a a bit of a scare thinking i may have it back again. Anyway, i had a scan and it was discovered i have gallstones.

Anyway, this cough i have pulls on my poorly stomach each time i cough and is driving me bonkers.

So the start to the New Year is once again various hospital appointments. think i’m going to just move in, save on petrol hahaha


Sunday, 10 November 2013

November Chill

I adore this time of the year. to be able to wear a t-shirt under a big coat and not be too hot is wonderful and an excuse to get my wellies on too is a dream.

November 2013 024

Molly & Bertie adore this place.

November 2013 005

Plenty of places to explore and lots of different smells.

November 2013 012

The leaves are no longer crunchy but rather damp and squidgy, but the views are fantastic.

November 2013 017

November 2013 019

As long as the dogs get a run, a sniff and a play with the ball, they are happy.

November 2013 020

November 2013 021

November 2013 022

November 2013 023

I have 2 very happy Rescue dogs.


Sunday, 1 September 2013

Its Launch Day!!!

One of my favourite authors has a new book out today and I am so excited as i have read all of her work and am never disappointed.
Lynda Renham’s new book is called The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties and is available on Amazon.
9780957137264 - Copy
I first discovered Lynda’s work when i nipped over to Amazon and “Wedding Cake to Turin” popped up as a  book “similar to” what i had just read. Infact it was nothing like which i had just read, this book was hilarious and got me hooked.
Each of Lynda’s other books have always had me laughing, they are such fun and make me reach for the Tena Lady. I cannot really say i have a favourite as such but when i first opening “Coconuts and Wonderbras”and read about Libby mentioning all the different diets she has tried, i laughed because i could really associate with her.
There were plenty of laugh out loud moments where i actually cried with laughter at some of her antics.
Anyway, over at Lynda's Launch Page on Facebook there are competitions galore and giveaways too today. so get over there and join in the fun.. go on.. what are you waiting for?

Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tracey takes to the skies for Target Ovarian Cancer

I arrived at the airfield at about 7.30am on the 6th July and was the first there! We had been told to be there by 8am.


This meant I was first up.... Once a few more people had arrived, my name was called and 6 of us went to have a look at the plane and get the health and safety instructions sorted. Myself and another lady were then taken to get our flying suits and harnesses fitted along with the rather fetching leather helmet and goggles.

1044227_10151772404088561_1670654850_npouting for the camera!

We were then introduced to our instructors who made the final checks on our equipment.


Afterwards I walked to the plane and sat between my instructor’s legs while he strapped himself to me and chatted about what would happen, throughout the flight. Once we got to 10,000 feet the doors opened and the cold hit you and took your breath away, rather like the Top Gun film. Ray, my instructor wriggled us to the open door and I took 2 deep breaths as for about 30 seconds you lose your breath with the altitude difference. I put my thumbs in my harness loops as instructed and Ray sat on the step of the plane, I obviously sat on nothing but air!!



And then we were air bound... free falling through the clouds at about 125 mph... It was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT... We turned upside down too!!


When the parachute opened it all went quiet and we floated around doing various spins and turns and I even had a go at "driving"!!!


I did feel ill as I knew I would because of my health problem but I've had months of physiotherapy specially designed to help with the balance and floating feeling. I felt bad near landing when the heat from the sun hit me and i thought i would faint. I also had problems as i cannot raise my legs into the fetal position which is needed on landing so as my feet didn’t touch the floor. All was great other than that.

We landed not as elegantly as i’d have liked because of my dodgy legs. The parachute landed over us and i couldn’t stop laughing.


Once uncovered i gave the thumbs up to the lady who filmed and photographed the whole jump.


And kissed Ray and thanked him for an eventful time.


I loved each and every minute of this fundraiser, even though i did have a weird turn up there (no pun intended) and am so pleased I could finally do something for a fab charity that helped me a great deal when I had ovarian cancer. and even more pleased that  I managed to raise £1268.75 for Target Ovarian Cancer 

certificate of skydive


Here is the video of my jump, from floor to 10,000 feet up and down again x

The Jump 


Monday, 5 August 2013

Exciting News….. Looky Look!!


DSCF6331 - Copy (2)-1

My favourite Author is having an Online Launch with lots happening on the 1st September.

Lynda Renham has a new book coming out and if its as good as all of her others, i just can’t wait.

The Valentine Present and Other Diabolical Liberties is available for pre order off amazon


Lynda’s other books  Croissants and Jam Coconuts and Wonderbras & Pink Wellies and Flat Caps had me laughing so much and are truly excellent reads.

There will be prizes on the launch day 1st September every few hours and lots of questions will be answered too.

Check Lynda's Website for more details.

Follow Lynda on Facebook

Join her Facebook Launch


Tuesday, 9 April 2013

Acupuncture 1st session

I’ve been to the hospital today for my first course of acupuncture.

Acupuncture session 1 9 april 2013 001

The needles went about an inch into my skin and as it was my first session, stayed there for just 10 minutes. The next time i go she will leave them in longer and slowly build up the process.

Acupuncture session 1 9 april 2013 002

Just 5 needles were inserted and not about 30 as i imagined.

In other news, they are going to be building lots of new houses near me on some wonderful farmland. Such a shame to lose the gorgeous views.

Acupuncture session 1 9 april 2013 003


Sunday, 7 April 2013


I could get out into my garden today and potter about.


I really need to do lots of painting but that needed to wait for now. I did some weeding and digging and planted some bulbs, potatoes and sprinkled some seeds. The seeds will most likely get eaten by the birds but i was sent them for free so no real hardship.

The pain i am now in is bad but hey, i need to do these things as no one else will.. Hmmm where’s the butler/gardener when you need him.

I’ve just got out of the bath as a long soak kind of helps, checked my emails and the massager i ordered a while back, should be with me soon. Yeyyyy.

I have a joint of pork cooking and it smells gorgeous, the fresh vegetables are in the steamer and its not a bad night on tv tonight.

I know i’m old as i look forward to going to bed to watch tv.. i draw the line at cocoa though.