Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Tracey takes to the skies for Target Ovarian Cancer

I arrived at the airfield at about 7.30am on the 6th July and was the first there! We had been told to be there by 8am.


This meant I was first up.... Once a few more people had arrived, my name was called and 6 of us went to have a look at the plane and get the health and safety instructions sorted. Myself and another lady were then taken to get our flying suits and harnesses fitted along with the rather fetching leather helmet and goggles.

1044227_10151772404088561_1670654850_npouting for the camera!

We were then introduced to our instructors who made the final checks on our equipment.


Afterwards I walked to the plane and sat between my instructor’s legs while he strapped himself to me and chatted about what would happen, throughout the flight. Once we got to 10,000 feet the doors opened and the cold hit you and took your breath away, rather like the Top Gun film. Ray, my instructor wriggled us to the open door and I took 2 deep breaths as for about 30 seconds you lose your breath with the altitude difference. I put my thumbs in my harness loops as instructed and Ray sat on the step of the plane, I obviously sat on nothing but air!!



And then we were air bound... free falling through the clouds at about 125 mph... It was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT... We turned upside down too!!


When the parachute opened it all went quiet and we floated around doing various spins and turns and I even had a go at "driving"!!!


I did feel ill as I knew I would because of my health problem but I've had months of physiotherapy specially designed to help with the balance and floating feeling. I felt bad near landing when the heat from the sun hit me and i thought i would faint. I also had problems as i cannot raise my legs into the fetal position which is needed on landing so as my feet didn’t touch the floor. All was great other than that.

We landed not as elegantly as i’d have liked because of my dodgy legs. The parachute landed over us and i couldn’t stop laughing.


Once uncovered i gave the thumbs up to the lady who filmed and photographed the whole jump.


And kissed Ray and thanked him for an eventful time.


I loved each and every minute of this fundraiser, even though i did have a weird turn up there (no pun intended) and am so pleased I could finally do something for a fab charity that helped me a great deal when I had ovarian cancer. and even more pleased that  I managed to raise £1268.75 for Target Ovarian Cancer 

certificate of skydive


Here is the video of my jump, from floor to 10,000 feet up and down again x

The Jump 


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  1. How amazing! You are so brave I could never do anything that involved heights. What a brilliant amount of cash to raise! Congratulations.