Thursday, 11 December 2008

My first scary post
Right then.... Here we go, go, gooooooooooooooo
I have no idea why i'm blogging to be honest as i'm really boring. But Sandhy told me to get my arse in gear and get doing one, so here i am.. Blame Sandhy hehehe

Well after finishing all my cancer treatment, i now visit my Oncologist every 4 months so he can have a prod, poke and general rummage to see if everything is behaving itself and upto now its all been good news, which i'm thankful for.
I had my checkup last week.. Dr Bashir is my new Oncologist as my original one has retired and is a lovely man.. he's changed things around for the better regarding my blood tests. Prior to seeing Dr Bashir, my CA125 bloods, were always done after my visit to see the Oncologist, so i never got any results on them.. Last week he told me to go and get my bloods done 2 weeks before i see him, that way he can let me know whats what... My next visit is March 2009.

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  1. way to go - I have always wanted to know exactly what happened to you, and I know you told me bits, but I was in chemo at the time, and you know how that affects the memory.

    I look forward to reading the whole story from the beginning, because you have been a life saver for me with your constant good humour and support - get to it babe!

    and thanks for all the laughs too!