Sunday, 10 November 2013

November Chill

I adore this time of the year. to be able to wear a t-shirt under a big coat and not be too hot is wonderful and an excuse to get my wellies on too is a dream.

Molly & Bertie adore this place.
November 2013 005
Plenty of places to explore and lots of different smells.
November 2013 012
The leaves are no longer crunchy but rather damp and squidgy, but the views are fantastic.
November 2013 017
November 2013 019
As long as the dogs get a run, a sniff and a play with the ball, they are happy.
November 2013 020
November 2013 021
November 2013 022
November 2013 023
I have 2 very happy Rescue dogs.

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