Sunday, 7 April 2013


I could get out into my garden today and potter about.


I really need to do lots of painting but that needed to wait for now. I did some weeding and digging and planted some bulbs, potatoes and sprinkled some seeds. The seeds will most likely get eaten by the birds but i was sent them for free so no real hardship.

The pain i am now in is bad but hey, i need to do these things as no one else will.. Hmmm where’s the butler/gardener when you need him.

I’ve just got out of the bath as a long soak kind of helps, checked my emails and the massager i ordered a while back, should be with me soon. Yeyyyy.

I have a joint of pork cooking and it smells gorgeous, the fresh vegetables are in the steamer and its not a bad night on tv tonight.

I know i’m old as i look forward to going to bed to watch tv.. i draw the line at cocoa though.


1 comment:

  1. sounds like a nice relaxing day. sorry about all your pain. take some pics of the progress of your garden! have a great Sunday.