Wednesday, 3 April 2013

Human Pin Cushion

Back in January, i had a very severe pain in my head. After many GP & Hospital visits and lots of strong medication, i was referred to the hospital to have physiotherapy. The pain though had, by then, moved to my neck and down into my lower back with constant pain in the whole of my back.


Now, 3 months later i am relying on all of these very strong painkillers to keep me going and to keep the pain away. Next week i shall be having Acupuncture as the Physiotherapist thinks this may be the next step as the Peripheral Neuropathy i already have as a backlash of the chemotherapy, seems to have affected more of my nervous system than originally diagnosed.

I still have physiotherapy on a regular basis for my balance problem ( again chemotherapy related) but as i’ve been in so much pain since January, the balance physio hasn’t been too intence.

In other news though, I have managed to raise £741.00 so far towards the £1000 target i have for the charity tandem skydive i’m doing in 3 months time. I’m looking forward to finally been able to do something for Target Ovarian Cancer as they helped me through my cancer battle, but i do know i shall be unwell when i am 10,000 feet up in the air and shall be worse when i land but old fighter Trace shall do it no matter what.

If anyone would like to sponsor me, i really would appreciate it, just click this LINK and follow the instructions. All donations go straight to Target Ovarian Cancer.


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