Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Postcrossing pt2

Well today it finally happened.. I received my first postcard, actually i received 2.

One from a gentleman in The Netherlands


and one from a lady in Germany who sent me a card with her favourite holiday destination on, Lanzorote.


I feel i might be on a roll now haha. I almost hugged the postman.

Yesterday was a fun day. I’d won some Blackcurrants & jam jars, which where to be delivered yesterday. First thing the jam jars arrived then about 4 hours later the postman rammed a packet marked FRAGILE through the letter box. I opened the door as he was mid ram!

I  asked him to stop as the juice of my blackcurrants was oozing out of the padded envelope…. “oh” says postie “ i wondered what it was..there’s purple juice all at the bottom of my bag and all the mail has a hint of purple”

I opened my wonderful parcel to find lots of stalks laid in blackcurrant juice! so much for me making jam, they went straight into the bin.. Certainly made me smile though at the site of Postman Pat with purple fingers and the thought of all the purple post… And all because The Royal Mail couldn’t read a massive sticker on the packet saying FRAGILE.


  1. welcome to the postcrossing addiction :)

    and I'm amazed people send blackcurrants through the post!

  2. mail people don't know how to read, and if they do, they always do the opposite of what the label if your friend had written, bang this envelope around as much as you want, if would have been handled with kid gloves!!!!

    Yes, I have many gripes about our mail delivery over here!!

    Enjoy your weekend,


  3. how is your postcrossing going Tracey? I received my 75th card today - whoop! so now it's time to bind my third little book