Monday, 16 August 2010

My Oncology appointment is looming


On Wednesday, i go to my Doctors to have my bloods taken ready for my Oncology appointment at the hospital a week on Tuesday.

I have my usual feelings that i get every time my Oncologist appointment is near.. Fear!

When i went to see him last April things had changed, Aprils update. Apart from seeing one of Dr Bashir’s lady doctors from his team, my blood levels had also gone up.


I’ve not had the pains i was having prior to my last visit but i seem to be getting bloated more. But the pins and needles in my arms. hands and legs seem to be more frequent too and i still have to be very careful walking as i can’t feel the floor beneath me, the fainting and dizzy spells are the same too. I just wish something could be done regarding this blooming Peripheral Neuropathy.


Blimey i sound a right moaning Minnie don’t i?  I’m not really its just “That Time” please don’t be put off by my little grumble


  1. right - first, the check up will be fine. Second, remember to colour your hair more blonde ;o) Can't believe your blog was in cyberspace like that!! heh heh

    nutter...million hugs, let me know INSTANTLY after your check up!!

  2. I'm in the same place as you with my oncology appointment looming large on September 7th - I'm going for bloods next week. Perhaps we can grumble and rant together?

    Sandhy's right on the nail your check up will be fine and so will mine ........

    Chin up and all that jaxx