Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I’ve been tracing my family history for over 20 years now and am in need of a further hobby.

I cut through Hobbycraft the other day and loved the look of all the sparkly sticky things and different textures of materials and thought about this thing called ( i think) scrapbooking.

I’d love to give it a go but have no idea whatsoever where to start. Where did other “Scrapbookers” begin? what did other scrapbookers make? is it called scrapbooking?

The only thing i've ever done was as a child when my parents bought me a scrapbook to stick pictures of my favourite things in.. i used to be armed with my pritstick and scissors and no magazine featuring The Bay City Rollers or The Osmonds was safe!!

So many questions.. I don’t have much spare cash so hopefully its a cheapish hobby to start, come on fellow bloggers help me get this bit of scrapbook madness out of my system, once i get things in my head i’m on a mission


  1. Any comment from me would be like the blind leading the blind, as I've never had the urge to make any sort of scrap book, but my daughter is an ace at it. I think chosing a subject or theme would be the place to start. Then collect your bits and let creativity flow!

  2. and may i suggest that you type in "scrapbooking for beginners" in the yahoo search and you'll be surprised with the results

  3. Hey Tracey! Glad to see you are continuing to blog. And I must say, your blog keeps getting better and better!

    Here's a scrapbooking thought: think about doing a scrapbook for someone you care about whom you'd like to give the scrapbook as a present. That might inspire you to do something you'd really love doing and something someone would really love receiving.

    Whatever you do, let us know!

    P.S. It was fun seeing the BCR! I remember being able to stay up late to see them on the TV when I was a kid. It was a thrill.

  4. Well, yesterday i picked up a leaflet and also looked at the actual scrapbooks.. for now its on hold as i never realised how expensive a hobby this would be if i started..
    think i'll blog more, keep me quiet for a while ;-)