Friday, 2 April 2010

The Sunday People Magazine

This Coming Sunday i should once again be in the news. I did an interview a few weeks ago with The Sunday People ,they asked if i would mind as they are doing a health special in their magazine that’s free with the paper.

They never came to take a photo though so i reckon if its in it will only be a tiny bit. At least Ovarian Cancer will be in the news again.
If it does appear i’ll post it on here anyway


  1. Wow Tracey, that is fantastic! National paper! I will buy it and look out your piece! Well done!

  2. I said...send me a copy of the article!! woop :o)

  3. Brilliant, make sure you blog about it!

  4. Here I am again, Tracey! I think I said that you were becoming quite the celebrity and I couldn't wait to read the article!