Saturday, 17 January 2009

Bertie & Molly

I can’t believe that I’ve been waffling on here about absolutely nothing, and I’ve not mentioned Bertie & Molly!!
They’re both rescue dogs from

Bertie is a cross Jack Russel/Labrador. He’s a short legged chunky little fella with a heart of gold. I rescued him in 2006, and he looked after me all the way through my chemotherapy.. He brought me his toys, gave me kisses and cuddles and laid with me on my bed when I was having bad days.
He’s about 6 or 7 years old but as he was rescued they weren’t too sure of his age.
Bertie had been found in a small village on the outskirts of Hull and had been taken to the shelter in the hope that his owners would go for him…they never, but I did and I love him to bits

In May last year Dave and Myself had a wander round the shelter and fell in love with Molly. She’s a tri coloured Jack Russel and about 18 months to a year old.
She was found wandering the streets with her sister and taken to the shelter.
Apparantly her and her sisters owners had 2 children and they had a dog each.. They decided that because Molly and her sister were fighting ( as dogs do in play fights) they’d throw them onto the streets as they didn’t want them anymore.
Molly’s sister was re-homed first and 2 weeks later Molly came home with us

Both Bertie & Molly love each other to bits… it’s a match made in heaven. They love to go to the seaside and run for miles on the beach and up and down in the dunes. Swimming is a favourite too.
Chasing balls and sticks is the best in their eyes.
As soon as we put our coats on, they know they’re going for a car ride and get very excited and are in the car as soon as the door’s open.

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  1. They are adorable! I love their names too. I just read a bunch of your posts since I'm catching up. I need to lose weight too. Sigh.