Saturday, 17 January 2009

Today has been a busy one.
Dave got the keys for an apartment close by.. We trotted off to see it at lunch time.
Its in a nice area, with access to front and rear gardens, has a massive L shaped living room but the tiniest kitchen you ever did see!

There’s no room for his fridge freezer, well there is if he doesn’t buy a cooker! Where do people keep there fridge/freezers if there’s no room in the kitchen?
The L shaped room is an option although having to carry your frozen chipolatas through the living room, past any guests is a bit much one thinks.

Anyway now he’s having to think if he does or doesn’t want it.. Everything about it is “Canny” the only problem is the smallest scullery in the blooming world!

Tomorrow Dave’s off to run around a sports centre, its his Sunday morning thing. He’s a referee for Dek Hockey. It’s basically ice hockey with no ice ( doh). He leaves home in his proper ref shirt all black and white and stripey and even has his name on the back and special orange arm bands on his sleeves… Shexy!

So Margaret, are you enjoying my blog? Yup I know you’re my number one fan and learning to speak Geordie, Dave’s well impressed and has sent you this lovely message ( cos he’s a Geordie)
“Areet Pet, hoos it gannin?
Watch yer divvin cloot ya creels when yer gan clipperty clopperty doon the lonnen “

Right can I just say, you have the best daughter in the world in Sandhy and she’s put a smile on my face when I’ve not really felt like smiling
Thanks for bringing her into the world
Love ya Margaret xx

Oh and Sandhy, Dave didn’t forget you, he said
“ Divven drop yer dottle on the proggy mat”


  1. Hi Tracey,
    Thanks for Dave's message!!! and yours. Made me laugh a lot.... I am glad you are doing well after all this time.I will try to learn this Geordie. I like the recipes, thanks for them. Sandhy's Mum

  2. can I have a special message tooooo? :)