Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Target Ovarian Cancer Being Together Day

Last week i went to the Target Ovarian Cancer Being Together Day. It was held in The County Hotel in Newcastle Upon Tyne.

Meeting other ladies who were still having treatment for Ovarian Cancer, and those who had recently finished treatment was wonderful. It was amazing how different diagnosis had been given before the correct one had been given.

On arrival, we were all given a goody bag with lots of lovely products inside from Weleda 


There were different workshops we could do too. I did some silk painting on the morning, but firstly we needed inspiration from some photographs.


After a lovely lunch i did the relaxation session and almost fell asleep!.

Throughout the day the wonderful Tim Zoltie took lots of photographs and i have popped some on here of the day.


I had a brilliant day meeting these gorgeous ladies and have made more friends who appreciate what a lady with Ovarian Cancer goes through.


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  1. I am so glad you found this group of women. When my mom was diagnosed and receiving treatment she felt very alone and isolated. So much is put into breast cancer and almost nothing into Ovarian.