Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Keeping My Fingers Crossed

Since moving home, i’ve had to register with a new doctor. Today i had an appointment with her regarding getting screened for breast cancer. A couple of months ago i asked at my old doctors only to be told that i am too young to be screened as i am not 50 ( i’m 47) and that no one in my family has had Ovarian Cancer or Cervical Cancer so i am not at risk!


Anyway Dr Stafford ( My new Doctor) had a good read of my  massive file, which was about 1 page thick before i became ill 5 years ago, and is now big enough to write a novel!!

She informed me that i actually had 3 cancerous tumours and not the 2 i thought i had.. Anyway she found the letter that had come back saying i wasn’t eligible for the breast screening and is going to try to refer me herself and she is going to state that although no one in my family has had Ovarian or Cervical Cancer.. i have and i really don’t fancy having breast cancer too thank you very much.

So fingers crossed that i get a referral

Gesture - Fingers crossed (with clipping path)



  1. i just said a prayer that they will approve the screening. the new insurance is not a good thing. hope all goes well.

  2. Hoping they approve the test. Always good to have an initial film to refer back to in the future if need be.

  3. I can't believe it!! They should do this no problem - I simply asked them if I could have an annual mammogram, and they said 'yes' no problem, as it would be better for me NOT to be stressing about that.
    Give them hell - they have to let you have the mammogram. Us cancery types can't take chances!