Monday, 30 January 2012

Clinical Genetics

Back in October, i mentioned that my Doctor had referred me for breast screening.

A few weeks later i received a letter from the Department of Clinical Genetics asking me to go to my local hospital to meet up with a Registered Genetic Counsellor. What an interesting appointment it was.

Firstly a family tree type format was done to see who in my family had had what cancer. My Dad had Bowel Cancer so rather than check for breast cancer just yet, they are examining me for Bowel Cancer. I had a blood test and should get the results as to if i’m ok or maybe need to be checked by March.

The condition they are checking for is called Lynch Syndrome which can predispose to bowel polyps and cancer, endometrial cancer and a number of cancers including ovarian.

lynch syndrome

So by asking for a Mammogram i am now been checked for Bowel Cancer, which is good.

I’m also having regular physio sessions on my head and the Vestibular Failure i have although to be honest i don’t think its doing any good as i seem to be more dizzy, nauseous and tired as the days go on.



  1. Your blog is so fab Tracey, Keep up the good work. x

  2. oh dear me, I hope things improve for you soon,

    Gill in Canada

  3. Tracey, I followed you over from Birdie's 40 and loving it, blog. I thought your comment about the bra and bird seed was so funny and I can see that despite your trials, you have not lost your sense of humor. Wishing you only good news and bright days.