Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Morning MMMmmmm Moment

My favourite thing of all time is opening a new jar of the gorgeous Nescafe.. I cannot drink any other make it has to be Nescafe

Coffee 001

When i see it sat there, i get so excited at the thought of popping the foil lid as i know whats going to come next.

Coffee 003

OOooooooooooo   I’m about to do it… it has to be quick…

Coffee 004

Mmmmmmmmmmm  wake up… pop the foil.. and smell the gorgeous aroma of this remarkable coffee…. Blisssssssssss.



  1. I feel the same way about our Maxwell House French blend, when i open the 2 pound container, peal that foil, i do just what you did, sniff and sniff. our coffee pot is on when we stand up out of bed, i walk all the way in the kitchen, without coffee, fix two cups and bring to the bed and we drink our first cup of the day propped up in bed. ahhhhhh

  2. Greetings from Iowa, USA. Oh, Tracey, you gave me a giggle. I awaken to a morning cup of instant coffee myself...usually Nescafe. While others consider "instant" as "non-coffee" I enjoy it and drink several cups before mid-morning.

  3. Ahhh, a morning coffee. I am a little different in that I am more of a "Give me a cup of coffee right now before I rip someone's head clean off their shoulders!"

  4. I agree with Birdie - coffee first thing or violence! And I only drink Nescafe too - I even used to buy it in Portugal eheheh

    LOVE IT! and you're so right...that ripping off the foil...the smell is divine :)

  5. A fun post Tracey. Thank you for reminding me how wonderful that smell is. It's now on the shopping list :)