Wednesday, 25 May 2011

Everything comes At Once

I’m quite a regular at my Doctors surgery but through no fault of my own..

When i enquired about the Active Lifestyle the last time i visited,  Dr Airan was unsure whether i’d be able to join.. Last week, Monday 16th May, i had to go and see the Nurse at the surgery who filled in the forms to hopefully put me on this exercise regime. While there she noticed i hadn’t had a medication review for a while so was booked in to have those reviewed.. So last Thursday i trotted off again to my surgery to see Dr Airan..


All was well but she’d like some fasting blood tests, just as a check on my general wellbeing. I booked those for 10am today.. at 8.50 i received a call from the surgery to say that the nurse who would have been doing the blood tests, had rung in sick. I’m now going a week on Friday for those.


In the mean time i received a call from a lady at Active Lifestyle on Monday of this week.

A meeting was arranged for yesterday afternoon. I met a lovely lady called Sarah who explained a few things to me. Including  A REFFERAL FOR A GYM!!!!   I’m so excited.. is this normal?

gym bunny

Its a very nice gym too and only a 10 minute walk from my home. All the forms are been faxed through today so hopefully i’ll be a gym bunny next week.

I’ll have my own personal trainer who knows of my illness and there are doctors at the gym too so if anything does happen to go wrong ( hopefully not) i’ll be well looked after.

And for some really weird reason, I fancy Aqua Aerobics!  Now remember i only learnt to swim last year and haven’t done it since. I’m petrified of water and as i cannot feel my feet, i may well not do it but i’ll have a look first and see what the class is all about.


And finally about 15 minutes ago i received a call from yet another hospital. This time its physio on my head! they’re trying to help with my dizziness and i’ll be there for about an hour early tomorrow morning!!  I’m really not looking forward to this as when i went to the ENT at a different hospital on the 10th May, the consultant did some of the exercises on me then and boy did i feel ill during and after.. Anyway tomorrows another day so i’ll live for today and start some home exercise.


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  1. The exercise classes sound really good Tracey, as do the water aerobics. As I have a tendency to be a bit klutzy and fall over when on my own two feet, I found the aqua aerobics so much more fun. I'm a bit afraid of water too but did not get out of my depth, always knew my feet could reach the bottom and the instructors were very good about that.