Friday, 6 May 2011

Active Lifestyle ( I hope)

I decided ages ago that need exercise but because of my illness i’m very limited.. I can’t walk fast because of the pain and wobblyness and fainting thing i have going on.

I enquired at my Doctors surgery about something called Active Lifestyle which a friend told me about.Its something which a doctor needs to refer a patient for them to be able to go. If it means i have access to a gym i’d love it although i’m limited to what equipment i’d be able to use.

Just to be able to go on an exercise bike ( one of those low seated ones) would probably help me a lot as i’m low down and no balancing would be needed.

exercise-bike-quick-start-guideThis kind of bike would be fine i think.

Dr Airon is going to enquire for me but given my medical problems it could well be a no but i’m keeping my fingers crossed



  1. i go to the YMCA gym 5 days a week, and so does my hubby. he works out and swims and i do tread mills and other machines. it would probably do you good for sure. if they don't approve it there are things that sit on the floor in front of your chair, that are just the pedals from a bike and you can sit and ride and can put it on a table and use your arms. you get them at places that provide wheel chairs, can't think of the name, they don't cost all that much. just a thought. I love your two rescue dogs and i stop and talk to strange dogs to. i love all dogs and all 4 legged animals.

  2. I tried the gym but I found it boring even with an ipod. I do swim though and love it. Joined a class and now I can swim front crawl. Always wanted to be able to and envied others in the pool. It's an amazing sense of achievement although it took me over a year to do it and overcome my fear of putting my face in the water. Nearly as good as passing my driving test.

    My husband loves the gym since he had open heart surgery. There's lots of stuff he can't do since he had an operation for cancer of the oesophagus but he does what he can. Hope it works out for you Tracey.

  3. I'm sure something vcan be worked out for you Tracey. Swimming sounds good too though not sure if it would suit your requirements. Goodluck with it though.

  4. thanks for your recent visit! I am hoping you get the ok for a gym. how wonderful that would be.