Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Makeover Day

Well i never slept on Tuesday night, i knew i wouldn’t, i was far too excited.


Before i set off for my transformation

I made sure i was at Debenhams in plenty of time and was taken to the Personal Shopper’s Suite.


Sara the Personal shopper was lovely and put me at ease. She asked me a few questions like what clothes would i like, colours i liked/disliked, designs i liked/disliked and obviously sizes.. aarrgghh!!

I decided on a pink patterned v neck top with some navy linen trousers. when it came to the shoes, this was when the problem started. I’m a size 8 (42) and many of the size 8’s where a (41) so i couldn’t get my plate size webs into them. eventually though i chose some gorgeous blue court shoes with gold tipped toes.


I still had a little bit of money to spend so, although it don’t go with my  new outfit, i chose a little black bag.


It looks big but its not..

I didn’t actually have that much time to look at clothes etc as its quite a walk to the hairdressers from Debenhams and because i can’t walk too quick i had to make sure i left in plenty of time, complete with my carrier bags of new clothes and some perfume samples too which Sara had popped in.


I arrived at The Colour Lounge and was greeted by the receptionist who offered me coffee & toast. I had a coffee but wasn’t hungry so declined the toast.

My Creative Stylist Benedict, coloured my hair with 3 different blondes.. a new technique was used and apparently i’m the first in the area to have it done. the head massage was to die for it was so relaxing. I was then taken downstairs to have my hair cut and styled. Ben snipped and pruned and i never stopped smiling all the time.

After my hair had been done Ben took me to the makeup lounge where he expertly applied my makeup. He’s most definitely going to be the next Gok Wan. He is such a clever man and last year was one of the finalists for the young hair dresser of the year award 2010.

After doing my makeup Benedict took me down to the spa area where i could get changed into my new clothes and await the next photographer.

The Spa

I was brought a coffee and a chocolate muffin ( i only drank the coffee)


although the chocolate muffin looked gorgeous, i gave it to the lady having a full spa day for her 50th Birthday.


The spa area was so relaxing, i have never been to such a sumptuous hairdressers in my life it was absolutely gorgeous.

The photographer arrived and got me to stand here… sit there.. lean forwards into the cushions and smile.. all like a proper model.. i loved it. I’m just hoping they come out ok as i’d love to hopefully buy copies as i’ve never had a decent photograph taken of me.

As soon as i’m in the paper i’ll post it here but for now here’s a top shot of how i arrived home.

4th may 2011 day of my makeover 014



  1. Looking stunning Tracey...glad that you had such a brilliant day!

  2. You look great!

    I wish they had a make over day for old men. I need one real bad :-)


  3. oh sweetie - this post made me cry!! eheheh - I am so pleased for you - and you're totally looking stunning my friend!!

    you so deserve this - and more...loved ths post - can't wait for the new pics!!

  4. You look wonderful, so happy you had such a lovely day, well deserved......:-)Hugs

  5. you look wonderful in both photos before and after, i am jealous. glad you had a wonderful day, good girl for sharing that cup cake. can't wait to see the news clipping.

  6. You look fantastic! (Although I thought you looked great in the first photo too.)

  7. how fun and exciting! and what a fantastic friend to nominate you. you look great!!