Thursday, 15 July 2010

Brave enough now to show my bald head

Yesterday a fellow Ovarian Cancer survivor friend of mine put a photograph on facebook of her when she had no hair.

As i now feel more confident in myself i too posted a baldy piccie of myself.bald me

The comments i’ve had have been amazing as unlike my pretty friends, i’m a manly looking woman and been bald really didn’t suit me. Also been with a man who told me i was ugly, looked like a man ( which i knew anyway) and i was off putting, didn’t do a lot for my self esteem.

Look at me now you awful man, bet you wish you’d not beaten me up and threatened to stab me and almost threw me down the stairs, just because i had cancer!!


Anyway one friend in particular my lovely Sarah, wrote me a poem which i read this morning and promptly cried. Its such a lovely poem and she said such nice things about me too ( no idea why but the cheques in the post ;-) )

I feel i’d like to share this wonderful little poem with you all and also so a massive THANK YOU  to Sarah and all my wonderful friends. I love you all xxx

“Tracey 'Wardill' Ford you're such a star
That shines your light both near and far
Your light shines from you inside to out
You're a special lady without a doubt
You're past has made you what you are
Not always a good thing though, ha ha ha :-)
You've survived so much in your life
Fun times and laughter and even some strife
True friends support you through ups and downs
Those that don't, well they're the clowns
I've learn't a lot from having you as my mate
And thanks to you, I've become a right repribate!
I'm proud to have you as a friend
And may our friendship never end.”


  1. You look lovely (before and after!).
    And what a sweet poem by your friend.
    Glad you are doing well!
    Bless you.

  2. love that poem - it's true. Every single word. I really value your friendship - and wish I'd been there when that silly person was so beastly to you. But hey ho - his loss!!

    You look great in both pics...

    love you my friend! :o)

  3. I think you look beautiful with or without your hair......and I so happy you have such a kind and caring well my new friend.......:-) Hugs

  4. beautiful poem for a beautiful lady

  5. You look beautiful to 'ME'!!!!!
    Love the poem and may you always remember the joyful words of others.

  6. I can't comment on the man - too angry for words.

    Beauty? You define it

  7. If i'd reunited with you later than i did when you had no hair, I would still have remained your friend, we went to school together and i have fond memories of you, and i am proud to call you my mate, we may not see much of each other, but i know you are there x