Friday, 2 July 2010

I have returned, and to prove it i’m here!

Hello fellow bloggies and bloggettes. I’m sorry i haven’t been on here for some time but for those who follow me you’ll know why ( my little addiction haha)


We went to Le Mans to watch the 24 hour race on the weekend of 11-14th June and had a wonderful time. It was my first attempt at camping and so funny! On the first night our tent leaked when it poured down with rain and i woke up wet from my knees down, i couldn’t stop laughing.

Prior to us going to France, my other half broke his big toe so it was hit and miss if he’d be able to drive all the way to France or not. luckily he was fine but the toe ached after a lot of walking.

On returning from camping, i had to go to the eye hospital for more tests regarding the possibility of me having glaucoma. I thought the tests had finished weeks ago but they needed more. I had photo’s taken of my eyes too so that every time i visit my optician ( now every year instead of 2) i show him these pictures to see if my eyes have changed.

Sad times came last Sunday when his father died, such a shock. Tommy was a wonderful man and will be sadly missed.

Tommy Rutherford


  1. Looks like you had a good time.

    I'm sorry about Tommy.

  2. Sorry to hear about your loss.

    I did camping last year at Sonisphere with my son... never again! I hated it - I did camp when in my teens but I'd forgotten how awful it was. You have a better constitution than me to laugh at it :-)

  3. Was really sorry to hear about poor Tommy.
    I am also sorry to hear about the problem with your eyes but relieved to know that you have got a very good optometrist by the sound of it.
    maggie X

    Nuts in May