Friday, 4 June 2010

I am a TWITTERHOLIC, thats official

Well it has to be confirmed.. I have become a Twitterholic. I doubt thats a real word to be honest as i do tend to make up words but most people who know me know my “Traceyisms”

Anyway, since discovering Twitter I cannot stay out of the place. I’ve made some wonderful friends on there as well as A long lost cousin in law. If you’ve never been on Twitter, go try it, if you get lost send me a message i’ll help you, i’m quite a dab hand at it now.

There’s even a clever search box, where you can type for example the name of your home town, and everyone who has twittered and mentioned your home town appear and you see the messages.. Its also good for job hunting as when you type in for example my home town of Kingston upon Hull, quite a few jobs appear too.

I’m on a roll here LOL. Now i’ll stop harping on about my new hobby/addiction.

Next week we travel down to Dover with about 60 other Astra VXR’s from the car club my other half belongs to, to head off to Le Mans for the 24 hour race. We have our own campsite right by the track so there’ll be no sleep and also our own shower/toilet block and we’re having a barbeque while watching on our very own big screen tv, England play USA in the World Cup. I’m past myself with excitement, i really can’t wait.

daves car

Right now i’ve kind of caught up here, I’ll go and make my other half a cup of coffee to drink while he’s washing/waxing/claying/waxing and whatever else he’s doing to make his car shinier than a shiny thing.


  1. lol, what an exciting life you both lead! tweetering and polishing, ah such is life! hope you enjoy yourselves! x x

  2. and you're indeed living your life Tracey, and a twitterholic too now, just fantastic

  3. I'm not a twitterer but glad that you are enjoying it so much.
    Maggie x
    Nuts in May

  4. Tracey!!! I love twitter too...and I am totally addicted to it