Saturday, 3 April 2010

Why is it all chocolate at Easter?

I’ve been reading a few blogs today and notice they all mention chocolate. easter egg 1

I remember as a child getting lots of Easter 030601.1FEggs, my favourite one been a cardboard one with a tiny furry chick inside. I played for hours with the little creature.


I loved to receive a chocolate egg in a mug so that once i’d eaten the egg i still had something to show for it.

Nowadays i’d much sooner have something savoury instead of chocolate. I don’t suppose a sausage roll will ever catch on as the gift to give as Easter

Sausage Roll

Shame really



  1. Know what you mean about having something to keep after the egg has done its disappearing trick!

    I also like savoury stuff to eat especially when I went to the pictures. Remember many years ago going to see State Fair with my Mam & Dad and we took pasties. When I went to see Roy Orbison and The Beatles I took a pound of Golden Delicious apples. Friends thought I was weird!

    Happy Easter.

  2. No, i don't think sausage rolls will ever become an Easter treat.

    thanks for the self portrait, you have changed a bit since I last saw your picture. Perhaps you should ask for a new razor for Easter.

  3. I suppose that most people see chocolate as a treat, but we are all different. Enjoy your sausage roll. Happy Easter!

  4. Chocolate has always been the easiest to think of i guess and they are available at every corner, Happy Easter to you Tracey.