Sunday, 4 April 2010

Here i am again…

Today i’ve appeared in The Sunday People magazine “ Take it Easy”

They were doing a health special and i had a call from the reporter asking if i’d be willing to do an interview about Me and my Cancer. If it means more people been aware of The Silent Killer, why ever would i say no.

Anyway, here it is in all its gloryme sunday people

Only 2 weeks ago i appeared in my local newspaper raising awareness there too

The Hull Daily Mail

.. Blimey all this fame and no flocks of people asking for my autograph hahaha


  1. now you're a celebrity eh, good for you, can i have your autograph too, carry on with your cheerful trademark my dear

  2. Hey there, hopped from Bluesman's latest post to yours...
    And I have to say, that after reading this I don't like my Aprils' joke anymore. :(

    You're awesome for fighting your way through all this! Kudos!!!

  3. Here i am Tracey, commenting on your blog, lovely layout, dont forget to find me!