Monday, 5 April 2010

Blog Frog

I'm now on Blog Frog . If you notice, to the right of this page, you’ll see a Recent Visitors widget. Click on it and join Blog Frog, there’s communities where you can make new friends and follow, and have your blog followed too.

I’ve yet to start my own community but have joined in other discussions.. There’s certainly plenty on there.

Oh and i’ve been busying myself this afternoon making another blog.

I love reading so have started a blog about the books i’ve read and left a little review about each. As i said its new today so not much there at the moment but your all welcome to follow. Here’s the LINK anyway. xx


  1. I've been listing all the books I've read (or listened to ) on my sidebar. I'll check out your new blog!

  2. i'm now following yr blog too, may i suggest that you insert the ShoutBox or ShoutMix Widget on yr blog for visitors to give a general comment

  3. I like the new gadgets ...