Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Last nights fun!

Last night i had the most hilarious time, giggling at my laptop. The reason why is that i was trying to help a friend sort out her blog. I’d added her so i could “follow” her but for some reason she wasn’t showing on my blog.

via the internet i helped her sort out her settings and between laughing and toilet breaks( yes Jenny i’m mentioning that lol) we managed it so people can actually see her blog.

Jenny has already managed to get herself a lovely background but had gone a bit mad with other colourful things too so her blog looked kind of distorted. We got rid of the dodgy header she’d installed and sorted her fonts out too.

Tonight is part 2 of the assignment and i can’t wait. We’re adding gadgets Wahayyyyyy.

I’ve known Jenny for 33 years as we started senior school together and became great friends. She’s bonkers and i certainly recommend that you follow her blog as i’m sure its going to be onf of the best on the net, once she gets going.


  1. i've just checked out Jenny's blog and i can understand why you "had the most hilarious time, giggling at my laptop"...i think Jenny's having fun too

  2. this is my stalker lol i was literally peeing myself laughing at her, i had such fun, bet bertie and molly was wondering what she was upto, unless they were with dave lollol <---- double bed or 2 singles? haha anyway roll on part 2, now what i'm gonna do with these gadgets i dunno but hey we'll see! thanks tracey!

  3. LOL nice, blogs are fun to mess with. But yes, can be a pain when trying to get it exactly as you want it. Have fun with it :-)

  4. Funny! So great to help a friend (love the pic btw) I found you through BlogFrog and look forward to seeing you around the community!
    Lori (the BlogFrog)@loriyay
    ps Thanks for the post yesterday :)

  5. still having fun with tracey, when she stops logging out of chat lol