Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Tuesday trundle in the Tyneside countryside

Even though the rain poured down today, we decided to take the dogs out for a lovely long run in the countryside. I love been out in the rain, I love the smell of it.It was mild too at 15 degrees.

We decided to do a route we’d never done before and followed the “Public Footpath” signs through a new housing development!! We battled through mud, mud and even more mud but boy was it fun!!!.

Molly & Bertie were covered in the stuff but didn’t complain. As we got past the building site we discovered wonderful countryside and a proper public footpath. The dogs were let off their leads and trotted around sniffing and having fun.

We saw some swans on a lake which we never knew existed, they looked quite happy swimming around with their baby and the gulls too.

There were also lots of berries on the trees, all the red looked stunning as did the fallen leaves all soggy by now with the rain we were having.

The cows and their offspring happily munched their grass in the field we passed
and we even spotted a deer which stood still until I photographed it, unfortunately it was a bit too far away but can be seen in the centre of the picture looking at me before it sprung off to do more exploring.
Of course, been so near to Newcastle airport I had to photograph some holidaymakers on their way to find some sun.
We walked just over 5 miles in all and enjoyed every bit of it.. On getting home though Molly & Bertie needed bathing as they were filthy.. Luckily for us they don’t mind the odd bath and are now cuddled up together dreaming of their wonderful walkies.


  1. hehehe - all that mud! shriek! love the pics

  2. Oh, how lovely! I love a good walk in this kind of weather, before it gets too cold!

  3. Hi! thanks for your visit.

    what a wonderful little walk around your area of the world. you should join us for our Friday My Town Shoot Outs. every Friday we have a new theme to shoot for about our towns. (for more info click on the link on my side bar on my page)

    have a great week!!

  4. What a great walk and thanks for the lovely pics!

  5. Thank you for visiting my blog.

    Walks in the rain can be great if you are dressed for the mud and the wet.

  6. lovely photos and glad you enjoyed your long, long walk through the mud. better you than me LOL :-)

  7. Lovely photographs. A little rain never hurt anyone, not if it's not too cold!