Thursday, 15 October 2009

Thursdays Fate!!

Talk about fate!
Sometime ago Dave moved home and stored his beloved records and car magazines in a friends garage.

Yesterday he decided to go and get them and bring them home. He parked in the drive and I couldn’t believe how packed my car was! . Luckily he’d taken mine as he knew he’d get more in.

He emptied the car of all his records, some artists I’ve never heard of and others I was surprised to see.
He then decided that before he went back to his friends to get the old car magazines, he would need to buy a bookcase to store them all in so off we trotted to Ikea.

He built the bookcase and its now in place ready for the magazines to come home to today.

Now here’s the “fate” bit..

At just gone 9am this morning a delivery man knocked on the door with a massive parcel, Dave signed for it and dragged it into the lounge.
It had my name on it!!
I knew I’d not ordered anything so was intrigued to say the least.
On opening it discovered a lot of pieces of wood with a cartoon type pattern on it, a bit like graffiti.
We looked for some paperwork to let us know what it was and why I had it.

We discovered that I’d won a bookcase from Ikea!!! The exact one (except the horrible pattern) that Dave had bought yesterday!!!

I’m always entering competitions and I’ll enter to win anything as I’m one of those people who has no luck.. Until today!!

Talk about weird, I really can’t believe my win now all it needs is for Dave to put it together and we’ll hide it in the bedroom, though hide is an understatement don’t you think?? But at least i now have somewhere for all my books and at the price of £39 and i won it... now thats a bonus.


  1. Bit spooky though!

    Trace, I have thousands of records in my loft from when I was a teenager . . . long story . . so needing a bookcase Tracey, if you've got one spare!!!!

  2. I'm thinking God blessed you in a wonderful, tangible way! That is a great story, Tracey. And wow...what a wonderful stash of records. Enjoy. Hope you are feeling well these days. x

  3. What a lovely surprise for you!! It feels good when you win something doesn't it.

    CJ xx