Friday, 2 October 2009

If i were to ever marry again, this would be the theme i'd choose!

This story really made me smile, why on earth didn't i think of this all those years ago.. I'd have loved to have been a guest at this wedding, it sounds like my kind of fun.

WORZEL Gummidge spent his days trying to please his beloved Aunt Sally with a cup o' tea and a slice o' cake.

And on Saturday, it seemed he had finally won her heart when the pair wed.
The couple – aka Kay Allon, of Cottingham, and Paul Thacker – dressed up as characters from the iconic 1970s TV shows and books when they married at St Peter and St Paul's Church in Old Bolingbroke, Lincolnshire.
The couple chose the theme because they both loved the show about Worzel the friendly scarecrow and his love Aunt Sally – a fairground doll – when they were growing up.
Kay, who now lives in Lincolnshire, arrived at the church in a Morris Minor pick-up truck, holding a bouquet of turnips and carrots. The groom donned a top hat, wore orange face paint and had straw stitched into his suit.

The bridesmaids were Kay's daughter Morgan Allon, Paul's daughter Grace Thacker and Eve Barkwith, who carried sheaves of corn. Inside the church, rusty tin cans filled with flowers and sacking hung from the pews.

The couple are currently on honeymoon in New England, but Kay's step-father Mr Richards, 66, of Cottingham, said the big day had been perfect.

He said: "Kay rang six weeks ago to say Paul had proposed in France and asked if I would give her away. We were delighted, but then she went silent for a minute.
"I asked what was wrong and she said, 'It is going to be a Worzel Gummidge wedding and everyone has to come dressed as scarecrows'. My wife nearly fainted. I had waited 40 years to give someone away and that's what I ended up with.
"They said no one had ever had a Worzel wedding and they wanted to do something a bit different."


  1. That's fantastic. It was one of the best children's TV shows ever. It scared the life out of my daughter but she loved it. I found a DVD of it in an Ethel Austin shop and we sat and laughed at it. It was the episode where Aunt Sally got a job as maid to the Joan Sims character. She invited Worzel to tea and they ended up throwing the cakes all over the place. Great stuff.

    I hope they live happily ever after!

  2. Hehe! I loved Worzel Gummidge when i was a child! His voice used to make me feel so sorry for him, he wouldn't hurt a fly! I am going to go and watch your clip, I hope I dont start crying! Thank you for the long lost memories!

  3. Claire.. I have every episode on DVD.. i watched them all when i was having chemo.. they made me chuckle so much..

  4. Winifred..I spoke to a friend today about this wedding and he knows someone who went.. I really would have loved it.. I love Worzel and Catweazle before him hehe x

  5. What a wonderful idea to make their wedding so very special and unique.
    Thanks for the video, it transported me back to the kind of TV my children enjoyed.
    Great post Tracey

    Love Granny

  6. I'm not sure my mother would have ever forgiven me if I'd deprived her the opportunity of dressing up as the M. O. B.

  7. BAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA Oh, that is too funny. I can't imagine:)

  8. Worzel and Catweazle . . . memories. I so loved those two shows, also Mork and Mindy, remember them!

    A theme wedding, how wacky!!!