Wednesday, 21 October 2009

My Hospital Visits

Well that’s that for another 6 months, well on the Oncology visits anyway.
I went on Tuesday to see my Oncologist for my check up. He examined me internally and was quite happy with me and also happy that my stomach is spongy!

My CA125 result was 8, up one from April but nothing to worry about he said. If he says don’t worry then I shan’t simples!!

Wednesday I went for my bone scan. My womans health Dr said it was best to have one as since I started an early menopause due to surgery, the bones get thinner and as I broke my arm last year too and it’s the first break I’ve ever had, it seemed a good idea.

All was well with that too although my spine looks weaker than anywhere else but she isn’t unduly worried and dosn’t want to see me for 2 years.



  1. great stuff Trace - I am going to ask about a bone scan I think. Good idea. Blasted menopause! grr.

    GREAT news on the CA 125 front!!

  2. just keep the spirit up Tracey, my prayers for you, always

  3. So glad you could post a smiley face!

  4. very happy to here this- as a fellow companion on the journey I am always so happy to here happy outcomes. I wonder if I should ask for a bone scan too- I have never been offered one. Have been on HRT for two years-mmmmmmh note to self