Saturday, 4 April 2009

Need for Speed

Late on Thursday afternoon, we arrived back in Hull. We left Newcastle in glorious sunshine and as we hit the M62 it dropped 7 degrees in temperature! Also it was really misty too.. Typical Hull.
We decided we’d go to the Speedway in Scunthorpe on Friday evening,to watch the Scunthorpe Scorpions race against the Birmingham Bombers. Its only about ½ an hour away. We stopped off at a friends house and he came along too. We laughed all night at almost anything! We needed to do something as, although we were all well wrapped up, it was absolutely freezing. Oh and Scunthorpe won 53-40

Today we took Molly & Bertie to the kennels for the weekend, we call it their hotel. They have lots of fun there, barking at all the other dogs and getting spoilt by the kennel maids. As we handed them over to Laura, they trotted off and never even looked back!!
On the way to the kennels, we dropped in at The Hull Animal Welfare Trust

Both Molly & Bertie are rescue dogs and this is where they came from so we thought we’d let the staff see how well they both are. Its 3 years in September since I rescued Bertie and next month we’ll have had Molly for a year.

We had a look around the kennels and had a stroke of the dogs wanting a home.
While I was chatting to one of the volunteers, I noticed Dave on his knees talking to a German Shepherd called Benson.
Benson is a year old and is gorgeous. Here’s what they say about him

"Benson lived in rented accommodation until the landlord found out. In the past, probably when he was a young dog, he was attacked by another dog and his face was torn. The vet stitched him up but now one side of his face in slightly lop-sided. This doesn't distract from his good looks. The photo shows his 'good side' "

He has the most gorgeous eyes too and is so affectionate. As myself and the volunteer started to go outside, Dave started to follow us, he said if he stayed any longer Benson would be coming with us. I’ve honestly never seen Dave’s eyes go glassy before. It really touched me. Unfortunately we don’t have the room for a large dog as well as our 2. Here’s hoping Benson finds a loving owner.

After dropping Molly & Bertie off at the kennels, we came home and I did the sandwiches and things, ready for tomorrow. Then I had a bit of a sleep, I had hoped to have more than an hour but it just wasn’t meant to be.

We’re setting off at 2.30 in the morning, to head down to Brands Hatch for the BTCC racing. Dave is a special guest along with about 80 or so other VXR car owners who we’re meeting at various motorway service stations on the way.

Should be quite a sight, all those VXR’s convoying down there.


  1. aha, now it all becomes clear :)

    would it not have made more sense to go down yesterday and stay over somewhere near the hatch???

    I love me a bit of speedway, haven't been in years

    have fun at the BTCC!

  2. It most certainly would have as we have done in the past but then Dave wouldn't have been able to have been in the car convoy, which was certainly something to be seen :-)