Monday, 6 April 2009

Brands Hatch BTCC

I’m shattered!
We set off to meet Dave’s VXR buddies at 2.15 yesterday morning. Basically, I woke at 8am on Saturday morning and tried to have an afternoon sleep but as I mentioned, I only managed an hour.

Dave had about 5 hours sleep and I woke him at 1.30am with a mug of coffee. I felt fine, I’d showered, washed and dried my hair and was all ready to play!

We met 2 of Dave’s friends at Sheffield, had a bit of a natter to them before setting off to the next meeting point. Us been the third car in the line. As we had almost got to Watford Gap something happened on the road, something blue shot past us and the next thing the other 2 cars started to pull in to a layby.

The first driver had hit a deer!! It was ok and had just stood there but it did quite a bit of damage to the front bumper, which had shot past us! We all got out of the cars and climbed the banks by the side of the road away from passing traffic, that were driving over the poor mans bumper and bits of it where flying all over the place.
He rang the AA who said they’d be with him in about an hour. There was oil coming out of his engine too so he wasn’t going anywhere! He told us he’d give the day a miss and that we should carry on, which we did.

After many stops at various motorway service stations, picking up more cars for the convoy, we eventually arrived at Brands Hatch.

The weather was lovely and sunny but the grandstand where we sat was very cold! It seemed quite surreal. We looked down and everyone was in summer clothes and we were wrapped up for winter!

Heres Me looking all windswept and Dave pulling a face as usual haha

Anyway, we had a great view of the circuit and had a really good day although by 4pm I was flagging and ready for my bed. The final race finished just before 6pm and we set off home.
I can’t sleep in a car unfortunately and by the time we got through my front door at 9.30pm I was whacked! I dumped my bag, had a quick wash and dived under the duvet. 3 ½ hours wasn’t too bad a time to get back but it seemed a lifetime as I was so tired. 37 ½ hours with no sleep is a definate first for me!

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