Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Walking my weight off Hopefully)

On Monday I had some things to get from the next town.. My car sat there but I decided as it was a crisp winters day, I’d walk.

I love walking anyway so it wasn’t a problem. I did what I had to and bought what I had to and started walking home.. Brrrrrrr head wind and boy was it cold. I walked briskly to get home quicker. Later that night as I tried to stand up, the front of my thighs absolutely killed me.. I suppose the 2 mile walk must have done me some good.

Yesterday Myself and Dave went for a walk to Tesco’s for a few bits and bobs, a 3 mile round trip. The dogs came too, we walked briskly through fields and on dry land too! Coming home I could feel my legs tightening again just like on Monday, also my stomach hurt a bit like my thighs did.. I hope its because I haven’t done much exercise recently and my stomach muscles are starting to work and that I’ve not given myself another blooming hernia as I really couldn’t face yet another operation on my stomach.

I’m going to rest a bit and see if it settles down but anyone reading my blog, I’d appreciate your input on the muscle and stomach situation please.


  1. A lot of it could depend on your footwear. I notice when I wear trainers and do a lot of walking the backs of my thighs get really tight and apparently its something to do with the muscle - just do some stretches before you go walking in future.

    As for your stomach, you're right, it probably is something to do with using your muscles which you ain't for a while - if it worries you though mrs you get yourself to where you don't really want to go - or else!! ;)

    Good on ya though x x

  2. take care - we've had everything chopped in half, makes the core muscles very weak - make sure you stretch before you go, and also when you come home. It'll take a while for them to get back to normal.

    But good for you!