Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Wednesdays weigh in

Well a 5 mile walk did me no good regarding my weigh in tonight. I maintained and am the same as I was last week. Apparantly now I’ve started a kind of exercise I should try to fill up more on free foods, as I’m not eating enough!
What a laugh we had in class too. There we were talking about what fruit we all like to eat and one lady pipes up
“ Oooh I have plenty of cox’s, I love them”
me been me and a bit too quick witted for my own good said
“ Don’t we all”
I think I might have said it a bit louder than I anticipated and the class was in hysterics! Poor Janice the consultant couldn’t carry on .Hahahaha

Next week I’m only going in and getting weighed and not staying to class, which is a shame as its so much fun. But we’re off out to Rob Wilson ( a Viper player’s) Testimonial which should be a fun night.

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  1. don't worry about maintaining this week - often happens when you pick up the exercise, prompts your body to retain more water and you will build muscle mass quite quickly. Only a temporary blip though, you'll be losing like a pro again next week.

    Enjoy your cox's ;)
    (something I might not be seeing for a while lol)