Thursday, 26 February 2009

Midweek Musings

Last night i had the best nights sleep i've had in weeks... i took 2 sleeping pills at about 11.30pm and didn't wake up until 12.00 noon!!

I think Dave thought i'd died haha. I felt absolutely brilliant today. We took the dogs for a walk and we walked just over a mile.

I had a lovely email too from a friend who has just moved in with her boyfriend. So happy for her, they make a great couple and i told them this before they were even together!
She used to be with someone who i also loved to bits... And he was with someone i loved to bits too, but both couples split up and these 2 got together.
He plays ice hockey and used to play for my team. It was great to hear from them both and also that they've invited us both to go and stay with them too.

I really need to go and watch him play again just so he can hear my dulcit tones as i shout for him ;-) he misses that hahahaha. oh and i need him to sign a hockey jersey i have of his too.

Oooo almost forgot. I went to get weighed last night at Slimming World, i couldn't stay as i was going out but as i got on the scales i had good news.... I lost 1 1/2lb last week... thats 1 stone since the 7th January.... Janice is going to give me my award next week in class as she wants everyone to know.

After getting the good news i drove us both to the Metro Radio Arena in Newcastle to Rob Wilson's testimonial. what a great night, even if it was meant to start at 7.15 and didn't start til about 8.. The night was meant to be a fun night and it sure was with Dave Simms, he of Sheffield Steelers, on the microphone!

The night finally ended about 10pm for us but some fans and the players were off to a bar in the town centre for a party. Bet there were a few sore heads this morning.. Here's hoping Newcastle Vipers players have sobered up for tonight as they play Manchester Phoenix.

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