Monday, 5 January 2009

How to speak "Geordie"

Dave is from the North East of England, From a city called Newcastle upon Tyne. There accent is known as "Geordie". Here's how they speak, i have trouble at times!!

How to speak Geordie

Nee mair puddin' pet, ahm stottin' - No thank you, I'm on a diet.
How man, yon bairn's like a lassie -Your son could use a haircut.
Howk it man, ye daft radge - Kick the football hard, you useless idiot.
Wey, she's a reet canny lass - She is nice, I really approve of her.
Haadyergob ye patters kite - Please stop talking nonsense, old chum.
Geddawayman, ye look a reet clip - You're not getting in dressed like that.
Me heed's proppa knackin -man I have a severe headache.
Divint cum awa aal hoyty toyty - I don't care for your attitude one jot.
Is it a bord or a gadgie? - What sex is my new baby?
Had away and sh**e -I am not sure if you are correct in your diagnosis, doctor.

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  1. "I don't care for your attitude one jot"

    hee hee:)