Friday, 12 December 2008

The Things People Say.....

I used to work in a pub. Every afternoon The Golden Girls came in.. Phil ( Philadelphia), Dene ( Geraldine, but she preferred Dene) & Lucy.. All these fantastic ladies were in their 70’s at the time and such good fun.

They used to love drinking glasses of wine or whiskey and as the drinks started flowing they changed to bottles of Barley Wine.

On a Monday ( pension day) I knew I was going to be in for a giggle.. Another couple, Pat & Bill used to come in, they we’re in their 70’s too and recently back living in England after returning from their life in Spain.

Bill used to bring in a tape and I used to put it on the pubs tape player and he and Pat used to do Spanish dancing and entertain us all.. The Golden Girls were usually up and dancing.
One day Dene was going to the shop for more cigarettes, Phil asked her if she’d bring her some “Thermol” ones as she preferred those to the normal ones..
I did laugh, she meant “Menthol”

Phil came out with many things and had us all in hysterics.. One day she asked me if I’d seen her glasses as she’d lost them, and started to describe them to me.
“Oh Darling, they’re Dior, it says it on the arm and they’re ever so stylish and they’re Double Glazed”! she meant Bi-Focal
Another day Phil came in wearing a really nice long flowing skirt, I said how nice it was and was informed
“ I forgot I had it, I’ve had it years, its Courgettes you know”
She meant Cullottes!
I’m starting to worry as I think these 3 wonderful ladies have rubbed off on me as I had to go back into hospital this week and my GP had asked me to make sure I got an ECG….
I asked for a AVG, doubt they’ll be able to sort out my laptops antivirus for me somehow. hahahaha

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