Friday, 12 December 2008

My Incisional Hernia

Last Friday, the 5th December, I had a incisional hernia operation. Apparantly many people get these after other surgery.
The operation had been cancelled 3 times before I finally got it done.
I had keyhole surgery but had signed a consent form to say if they needed to open me up it was fine.
All went well and there was a possibility I could be home the following day. But this is me and nothing is ever straight forward.

As the nurses tried to help me up on the Saturday, I fainted…later on they sat me on the comode and went to sort another lady out…. I fainted! My bum was on the seat but my top half was kind of on my bed! Sexy hahaha.

Sunday morning.. I fainted…
Later in the day a nurse noticed that my blood pressure had been low. When I first went into hospital I gave my medication to the nurse who informed me they self medicate at that hospital and I was to take my pills myself after okaying it with the nurse at the time.. This I did.
I’m on High Blood Pressure tablets! So this was why I was fainting…. Good job one nurse was on the ball or I’d still have been fainting.

I was discharged on Monday afternoon and the nurse made an appointment with my GP to review my blood pressure pills.
I went to see my GP on Tuesday for the review but she wanted to check my “wound” and it hurt to say the least when she touched me.. My heart was racing and she got straight on the phone to another hospital and I was admitted!
I was put on a drip, had more blood taken, had a ECG ( or AVG as I asked for doh!) had a chest x-ray, they x-rayed my tum and I stayed in for the day while under observation. They let me home at 7pm and all was well
All I could do was apologise as I’d only gone to my GP for a review of my pills and ended up getting proded and poked and sent back in.

They put some mesh inside to mend my hernia, they use some metal coil stitches and boy do they hurt! every time I get up or move in the wrong way, I feel like I’m been stabbed. I can walk better now, not truffling along like a 90 year old now hehe but my stomach is still swollen but I feel ok ish.

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  1. truffling along like a 90 year old?? that's what you are MEANT to be doing!!

    get well. take care. we need you!