Friday, 12 December 2008

Cancer and Me Part 2 Chemotherapy

This is how i had my hair cut before it all fell out!This is before i started chemo

Thursday 8th February 2007
“ Started Chemotherapy today, was there from 11am to 6.15pm
I'm on Taxol & Carboplatin... i found a website all about it

My veins are so small the canular hurt like hell going in. I was very tired when I got home and was awake all night with aching muscles and felt sicky too.”

Friday 9th February 2007

“I Decided to have my hair cut into a short style, that way, when chunks start coming out, I can at least get my wig on.. I had my hair dyed purple too J
I love it.
At night I was tossing and turning, aching and having hot sweats too.. Awful.”

Saturday 10th February 2007
“ I took a sleeping pill to see if it helped me sleep but it didn’t I was aching and having hot sweats all night.”

Sunday 11th February 2007
“I felt tired and really down all day, I took the last of the tablets the hospital gave me, woke at midnight with really bad heartburn. I wish this aching and sweating would go.”

Monday 12th February 2007
“Woke feeling sicky and achy and went dizzy, felt like I’d pass out but I never.”

Tuesday 13th February 2007
“Slept the best since starting chemo, only had the hot flushes no aches.”

Friday 23rd February 2007
“ My hair is falling out.”

Tuesday 27th February 2007
“I shaved all my hair off today as its uncomfy.. Britney Spears, if you can do it, I can, unfortunately I have no choice.”

Thursday 1st March
“ My 2nd Chemo in at 11.00am out at 9.15pm.. So so tired.”

Friday 9th March
“Got a NHS wig today cost me £55.10, but it’ll help me look more normal.”

Thursday 22nd March
“ Chemo number 3.. I’m half way there.. Yippeeee.
In at 11.00am out at 5.10pm.”

Thursday 12th April 2007
“ Should have been Chemo 4 today but my white blood cells are very low.”

Tuesday 17th April 2007
“Had Chemo number 4.”

Tuesday 8th May 2007
“Chemo 5 one to go.”

Wednesday 30th May 2007
“Should have been Chemo 6, the final one, but my cells are off on one again.”

Thursday 7th June 2007
“ Had my final Chemotherapy today and saw Dr Hamid who told me what to expect during my radiotherapy.”

Thursday 19th July 2007
“ I went for Radiotherapy today. I laid flat on my back for 10 hours while a wand was inserted inside me doing what it does.. I read, watched television, watched DVD’s and managed to eat a sandwich laid on my back!! “

Thursday 26th July 2007
“ I went for my second 10 hour stint today but it got aborted after 2 hours.. The pain inside me was awful, it felt as if a Bunsen burner had been lit inside me. He wasn’t unduly worried about having to stop as it was only a precaution anyway and I’d managed the full 10 hours last week.”


  1. this seems like your diary? And doesn't sound like you - in this you sound very sad, and very tired.

    And radiotherapy sounds horrendous - does that have side effects too like the chemo?

    so good to be out the other side eh? :o)

  2. I didn't have a happy life at that time.. and its all taken from my diary.

    The Radiotherapy had no side effects at all but for some reason decided to try to burn my insieds after 12 hours :-(