Tuesday, 16 December 2008

Christmas in Newcastle upon Tyne

What a brilliant day I’ve had today.
I’m not a fan of Christmas and definately not shopping!! But today it had to be done and in a different town too.

I’d decided that I would go into Newcastle centre alone.. Aaarrggghhh. I’ve only ever been a couple of times but always with Dave and never taking any notice of anything as I’d had to keep my eye on Dave as he weaved in and out of people, if I took my eye off him to look at my surroundings I’d never have found him.

So today was an adventure. First I had to buy a ticket from a box at the Metro Station… Zone 2 I needed and also a return, all self explanatory.
I got off at Monument and there I was.. In Eldon Square shopping centre.

I had a slow ( well I’m still shuffling after my operation) wander in the centre then out onto Northumberland Street where I found more shops and Fenwicks with there amazing Christmas window display, this year the theme is Victorian and I think Oliver Twist.

I had no idea what to buy Dave when I set off, but I soon got inspiration and was in my element, shame I ran out of money or I’d have stayed out longer.
I got the Metro back to Dave’s and was home by lunch with all my Christmas shopping done.
Now they’re all wrapped and hidden
Jobs a good un ;-)

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  1. ooo - you beast - I am just wrapping the first pressie...

    I'm so glad you managed, I know how important it can be to 'cope' - but you are hard on yourself. Sometimes we need to just REST!

    good on ya babe