Friday, 31 August 2012

Wired For Sound

Today has been rather eventful. I had a hospital appointment this morning with my ENT Consultant. He said that although the new drugs i am taking are making me sleep like a sleeping thing, i still have to carry on taking them but at a reduced dosage. And also to keep up with the Physio too which i have every 4 weeks. Basically without going really deep into it, i shall never be fixed. He said if i could be re-wired like a old house, i would be sorted but unfortunately the nerve damage is done so i have to live with it.


When i eventually got home, i noticed a chocolate coloured labrador lurking in my front garden. I went out to it as i recognised it as living next door but one to me. As i went to stroke it after it washed my hand, it threw itself on the pavement with its legs in the air, showing me it was actually a HE!!. I tickled his belly for him and asked him to stand up so i could take him home. He was having non of it as he was quite comfy having his tummy tickled.


I knocked on my neighbours door when he eventually decided to follow me. “are you a dog missing?” asks me.. The lady looked at him and says “Oh its Ruby.. hang on a minute” and looks over her back garden gate and shouted for Ruby, who appeared at the gate. Now when the lady said the name Ruby i did wonder as “My” Lab is most certainly male. With that and as if he was upset as been called a Girl, he trotted off further down the street and into his own garden.. At least i now know a neighbour as i have only spoke to me next door neighbour as i keep myself to myself.

By now, i’m ready for a coffee, all these events are far too exciting for a lady of my age. Minding my own business drinking the well deserved mug of steaming Nescafe a loud noise and feathers flew past me. A Collared Dove had flown into my living room, poor thing was so scared and as i tried to help it get out, it just flapped, the dogs both just sat watching as i scooped my hands under the Dove to try to catch him to take him outside. He wasn’t indoors for long, he discovered his way out and flew away.

collared dove

More excitement was to carry on.

The sun was shining so i decided i would go and sit in the garden. I could hear the little boy next door playing with his friends in his front garden. A little girl was also playing with them.

Suddenly all hell broke loose when another boy decided to slap the little girl across her face and before she could retaliate, he grabbed her shoulders and pushed her over the adjoining wall, the poor thing landed between my other halves car and the wall and was trapped on her back until my other half picked her up as she cried her eyes out.

I asked her where she hurt and she had a small cut on her hand, i then asked her where she lived..

August 2012 wall 001

The wall the girl was pushed over

I took her home in the opposite direction of where i went this morning with the wandering dog. I explained to her Mum what had happened and i presume she was going to be having words with the boy who slapped and pushed her little girl over the wall. All these children were between 6 and 8 years old and all the little girl had done was to tell the boy not to swear!

I have now met another neighbour!!

Now i have had a bath and am safely indoors, there are still a few hours of the day left, anything could happen.

Today i have been told “ you need re-wiring” have took a dog home to the wrong house.. Had the Dove from Above pay me a visit and helped scrape a child up off my driveway… EEE life’s never dull


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  1. Some days we are called to be super heroes. Today was your day. I am sure all 3 of them agree. :-)