Tuesday, 21 August 2012

One Year On

A year ago as yesterday, i moved into my lovely home. My garden is my pride and joy, i love to be out there pottering about.

August 2012 027

I currently have Tomatoes, Lettuce, Sweetcorn, Sprouts, Curly Kale & Leeks growing out there and today have planted some Mammoth ( so it says on the packet) Pumpkin and some Courgettes. I have no idea if they will grow but to be honest i’m not too worried as i’m just enjoying been outdoors.

july 2012 garden 007

Every time i feel ok to be out there i go and find weeds to pull. the thing is, when i am having a good day i tend to try to do everything!

Take today for instance, i woke and had some breakfast, then cleaned the bathroom, hoovered right through, washed  the kitchen floor, Cut the grass, did some weeding, did some replanting and sowing. And now… I feel awful! I almost fainted in the garden while i was sowing the seeds so had to sit on the bench until i came round. This happens a lot and i am used to it but when it happens i must admit, it does scare me.

August 2012 015

This afternoon i am going to have a read and then prepare my evening meal, unless i fall asleep of course.


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  1. I am glad you enjoyed your garden. It seems therapeutic, in moderation. Rest up and feel better.