Sunday, 3 April 2011

Wedding Cake to Turin by Lynda Renham

wedding cake to turin

I read this book at the beginning of the year and really enjoyed it.


This is the quickest i've EVER read a book i read it in one day!. i'm not sure if its a good or bad thing. It was hilarious from start to finish and as i'd been ill it cheered me up no end.. If your feeling down go buy this book its most certainly a mood lifter.

Product Description

When Charlotte is sent by her boss to deliver a wedding cake to Turin little does she know what she will be letting herself in for. Torn between feelings for her boyfriend and a new man that she meets at the airport, she embarks on a journey of hilarious situations, finding herself mixing with the rich and famous and the Italian Mafia. Charlotte has to decide just how much she is prepared to do for love but does the man she love truly love her? Charley's journey to find love is both hilarous and touching.

I’ve added a link to my blog so any of you can easily click and buy.. i urge you to as its brilliant.

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  1. that sounds like my sort of book, fun and easy to read......