Sunday, 20 February 2011

A weekend full of fun & laughter

This weekend the Ice Hockey team i support, had 2 home games. I’ve been supporting The Hull Stingrays for over 20 years now and absolutely love the sport and have made some wonderful friends up and down the country.

Last night the first of many laughs occurred. The first been poor Polo polo

Polo is our club mascot and before the game starts, he either walks round the rink or skates on the ice with a bucket of tennis balls which have a number on. He throws them into the crowd and if you catch a ball and the player who scored the first goal’s shirt number matches your ball.. you win a prize.

Anyway last night Polo skated with his bucket of balls and slipped ..Well its slippery is that ice.. Unfortunately, his head fell off.. Now i’m laughing as i type this as it was so funny. The thing was that Danny (Polo) had hurt his knee as he fell and was obviously in pain but ever the entertainer he leant back, grabbed his head and rammed it back on before limping off to cheers from the crowd.

i know it was cruel to laugh but it did look funny and he didn’t do any damage to his knee so alls well.

Tonight my friend Sarah complained of indigestion so i offered her some Indigestion tablets, she turned her nose up telling me they made her feel sick so i offered her a Covonia.. The cough lozenges i carry about with me and amuse her by always offering them to people.

Unfortunately i managed to get my words wrong and told her instead of Covonia, that i had some Calgon!!  Now Calgon in the UK is a water softener which you put inside your washing machine when washing.. That was it.. laughs galore!!



  1. Tracey,
    There is nothing like a rollicking round of laughter! It does sound so funny...seeing the mascot literally lose his head! (I hope his knee is OK...)
    Calgon in the U.S. is a bath/salt/softener for soaking and lounging in the bathtub...There was an old TV commercial that said, "Calgon! Take me away!"
    (I say that a LOT!)
    ;^) ;^) ;^0

  2. Cynthia Calgon here is a water softener thats put in your washing machine.. the advert goes.. "Washing machines last longer with Calgon" lol