Tuesday, 15 February 2011

Another Hospital visit

EEeeeee All i do nowadays is blog about my ailments. As i mentioned though in a previous post, i do it to remember as my memory really is awful.

On Boxing day i got the dreaded flu and since then i’ve been left with a cough thats been driving me mad. On a morning its ok as its like a “morning after a night out” kind of meaty cough but by mid afternoon my chest goes very tight and the cough becomes dry and annoying. On an evening when in bed it gets even worse and the indigestion starts worse than i’ve ever had it and i do suffer with indigestion too. I always feel really nauseous too.

Anyway this morning i finally decided enough was enough and called the surgery to see if i could make an appointment. Got the shock of my life when i was told that i could go at 11am today!!!

Dr Airan listened to me waffling on and examined me thoroughly also asked if i smoked.. Erm nope never tried one and have no intentions of doing so… and if i drank… Once again nope cannot afford to!

I was given a perscription for some strong indigestion tablets to have daily for 4 weeks to see if it eases the symptoms and also sent off to the local hospital for a chest X-Ray..

I trotted off for the X-Ray and need to call my Dr in 10-14 days for the results unless i hear from them first.

I’ve still not heard anything from ENT regarding the inner ear problem either but i realise these things take time.

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  1. It is old age dear. As we get older we all share our health problems. Hope you feel better soon.