Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Todays visit to my Oncologist

Well today was the day.. It should really have been next month but i can’t make that one so my 6 month check up was brought forward.

I always feel apprehensive as the date looms but this time was worse than ever.. I was as sick as a dog this morning and really felt ill.. also it could be due to the fact that tomorrow i have to go and see a Neurologist.. this week is full of Ologists!

Anyway Dr Bashir informed me it was all good as when i saw him last time my CA125 was 14, this time its down to 11..A massive sigh of relief.

He’s booked for me to go and see him in 6 months time so i’m a happy bunny.

I still felt bleugh when i left the hospital but after some ginger wine ( non alcoholic) the sickness has gone a little, i just have the banging head!

Hopefully i’ll be normal again after the next scary visit of the week tomorrow. Sick smile


  1. That's very good news Tracey. Maybe you have that funny sickness bug going around. My granddaughter had it. I had a banging head last week and felt very sick too. Thought it was severe sinus but still felt grotty the next day. Winter has all these viruses going around.

    Anyway glad to hear everything was so positive at your hospital visit. Priceless!

  2. Congrats Girl!! Happy for you.

  3. I love hearing good news like that! I hope your neurologist appointment goes just as well!

  4. Good news on the CA-125. Hope your next appt brings nothing but good news as well.

  5. I am so glad that you received some good news!!!