Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Happy New Year

Well what a start to 2011.. On Boxing Day i started coughing.. and coughing…. and blooming coughing. 2 days later the aching of every bone in my body started. Yup i  had the dreaded flu.


I still can’t shake the cough off and its driving me maaaaaddddd. I’ve had medicine from the pharmacy and throat lozenges.. Hopefully it’ll go soon. I’ve not bothered my doctor as i’ll end up with more bugs if i go to the surgery and also its only flu and there are people out there who need a doctor more than me. I’m a survivor and will carry on sucking the Covonia Lozenges hehehe.

The old dizzy head isn’t doing me any favours either and seems to get worse each time. In a couple of weeks time i go to the hospital to see the Neurology Department so hopefully they’ll suss out whats going on in that there head of mine.


The only way i can describe the dizzy effects is that its not when i stand up or anything like that, it can suddenly come on while i’m watching television. I really hope something can get sorted as it makes me feel so sick too. thank heavens for  non alcoholic Ginger wine as it takes the sicky feeling away.


On the 25th of this month i go to see my Oncologist so hopefully alls well in that area too.

right thats me updated with my health. I’ve blogged this as i still am very forgetful and need things wrote down..chemo brain.. lack of brain.. senile.. You decide.


  1. Ick! Sorry about the flu. And I hope you get an easy solution to your dizzy spells. And a good report from your oncologist!

  2. Oh take care of yourself, that flu is horrible. I had it between Christmas and Newy Year's and I feel well enough now but still not myself...Hugs

  3. Horrible! Flu sucks. Hope you're better soon and that there are good results from both the nuerologist and the oncologist [that one goes without saying!].

    It's all a bit exhausting isn't it? Hope your year improves by the day babe