Wednesday, 13 October 2010

Wet Room… just a little yup!

So here i am, better late than never.. How come that once upon a time i blogged a lot.. nowadays i don’t?

Anyway since my last entry i’ve had my eyes tested again.. don’t seem a year since my last appointment but i have to see my Optician every year nowadays instead of every 2. I also have a wonderful photo of my eye balls taken by the hospital back in April. I have to show this picture to my Optician each time i see him so that he can check if my eyes have changed at all.

Well they have! I had new glasses last October and now i have more. I pick them up next week.


Oh did i mention too that my apartment got flooded? I wasn’t actually home when it happened and it wasn’t found for about 4 days. The couple who lived ( they have since been thrown out) in the flat above my bedroom, had a fight, she stabbed him!! Anyway, they managed to knock their radiator off the wall and it dripped into my bedroom.. the thing is, every time they tried to get hot water, the radiator gushed even more water into my home. Both my bedrooms were ruined.. I’ve had to have a new bed and bedding… new carpets… all my walls re decorated and some of my clothes were ruined too as i have walk in wardrobes and the water had dripped in there too.

my flat after the flood 009  My landlord bought me a new mattress and bedding and made up my bed ready for my return, unfortunately it was so damp in the room i had to drag the bed into my living room. here you see my walk in wardrobes too.

seaside and my flat after flood 17 aug 2010 004

I had to have a de humidifier working all day and night to try to dry out the walls and floor. ( see the puddle?)

seaside and my flat after flood 17 aug 2010 007 As i mentioned earlier, i had to drag my bed into my living room for about 8 weeks until the place had dried out and been decorated etc.

But these things are set to try us and by heck this did.. I cried so much at the sight of my home.

So, what with flooded home, and bad eyes its been rather hectic and stressful these last few weeks..

i think i can just about keep smiling though



  1. ooo - horrible - water is a nightmare...but get you with your walk in wardrobes!! ;)

    Have to take my eyes for a test soon too - having a difficult time with close up things. But spcs cost a fortune so it'll have to wait like everything else...hope things chirp up for you soon!

  2. oh no Tracey - that's awful!!!!

    I hope you have good insurance and can get it all back to even lovelier than it was before x

  3. Wow! That was quite a mess! Your landlord sounds awesome though!