Thursday, 26 August 2010

Tuesday’s Oncology visit

Well Tuesday arrived and i felt awful.. Scared, Agitated and petrified amongst other things.

My appointment was at 2pm so i was the first in to see Dr Bashir. He asked if i were ok and i told him “That all depends on what you tell me”

He straight away told me that my CA125 was 14 again, the same as  4 months ago and i had nothing to worry about as it hadn’t gone higher.

A lady Dr was also in the room and she did the examination and all was well there too.

Dr Bashir dosn’t want to see me now for 6 months. HOORRRAAAAYYYYY!!


I walked out of his room all smiles. The last 4 months have been the longest time of my life as i had no idea if my Cancer had returned or not.. up to now all is well. PHEW!


  1. How wonderful for you!

    Can't help but notice that you call it "my" cancer. One thing I learned from all my readings and ruminations when my daughter had lung cancer is to not call it "my" or "your" cancer. Your mind is listening and interprets that to mean that the cancer belongs to your body/mind. Instead, if you say "the" cancer - it is just a thing that doesn't 'belong' to your body/mind ... and perhaps it becomes easier for your immune system to eliminate it - because it is not yours! Just something I learned and thought I would pass along.

  2. Fab news!! Really pleased to hear that!

  3. Great news, indeed! My tests this week were great, too, so I understand how wonderful this is! *huge sigh of relief here*

  4. Well done you - enjoy the next six months and no more worrying. I'm in the worry wart mode just now my check is 7th Sept but bossy Sandhy has told me that all will be well and we all know that when Sandhy speaks everyone and everything listens! xxx

  5. brilliant news Tracey - glad you can relax - love that smiley photo :)

  6. Great news... only just found you again after the name thing... sorry

  7. The roller coasters of cancer scans and appointments is awful as I know only too well myself.
    I am so pleased for you.
    I have had trouble reaching your blog.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  8. That's wonderful news!!! Congratulations!

    I'm really behind on my reading!

    I hope your next exam goes well!