Monday, 12 April 2010

A Day at the Seaside

Cleethorpes 11 April 2010 001

Yesterday we decided we needed to get out! So nipped over to Cleethorpes. We decided on this location as they have a dog friendly beach and Molly & Bertie love to run and dig and swim.

On the bit of beach where dogs aren’t welcome, the donkeys were stood waiting to take children for a ride but didn’t look too enthralled.

Cleethorpes 11 April 2010 003

Cleethorpes has something for every member of the family, there’s lovely gardens to sit and ponder in and cafe’s galore.

Molly & Bertie had a wonderful time running after other dogs and barking, but soon got tired of that and dived into the sea.

Cleethorpes 11 April 2010 013

They weren’t alone on the doggy beach as a lady on a horse galloped past.

Cleethorpes 11 April 2010 009

after all the fun we went for a ice cream, well we never had a ice cream but the mutts shared one, thought they didn’t do much with it except the odd lick.

Cleethorpes 11 April 2010 030 Cleethorpes 11 April 2010 047

After all the exercise it was time to go home but not until The dogs sat and reflected on what a grand day they’d had.

Cleethorpes 11 April 2010 006



  1. love the Good Ship Lollipop! :o)

  2. Hi Tracey, love your blog and I love going to the coast. If I could live anywhere it would be close to the sea. I reckon it would change anyones life.

  3. Great day.... we're off to London for my wife's birthday celebration - to see Oliver!

    P.s. if you can prove the guitar was Tony's it'll be worht a ton